Friday, December 11, 2009

Dream A Little Dream

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Tutorial ©§GD on December 11, 2009

Materials Needed:

Pieces of kit used:

PSP you can get a current PSP trial version HERE
Font of choice ( here I used Bodoni MT Black size 26 for message, size 36 for name)

Step 1: Open new image size 600x600 pixels, transparent, 72 dpi.
Open up needed pieces and minimize in PSP. (I set a background color so pieces will show up on canvas. This is optional for you :) Maximize dd frame 2. Copy, close original, paste onto your new image as a new layer. Rename to frame.

Step 2: With your magic wand tool, click on the inside of your FRAME. Selections - Modify - Expand 7
pixels. Click OK. Maximize dd paper 05. Copy, close original and Paste as a new layer. Move this layer in your layer pallette under your FRAME. Selections - Invert. Hit your delete key. Rename this layer as FRAME BG.

Step 3: Maximize dd tree 1. Copy, close original, paste as a new layer. Resize 50%. Move towards the right side of your FRAME. Image - Duplicate. Image - Mirror. Layers - Merge - Merge Down. Lower the opacity to 50% and blend mode to Luminance. Rename layer to TREE.

Step 4: Maximize dd medieval poser 2. Using your freehand selection tool, outline the fairy only right now. minimize the poser tube, you will need this one again later. Copy only the selected fairy. Paste as a new layer. Resize 45%. Move fairy into place on your frame. Maximize dd medieval poser 2 again and this time use your freehand tool to outline the watermark ©Medi. Copy, close out original. Paste as a new layer. Resize 45%. Move the watermark into place touching the fairy. Adjust - Color Balance - Negative Image. New Raster layer, add copyright info if a link is needed to be added to your image, in the case of this Fairy poser tube, you will need to add this link to the image,  Layers - Merge - Merge Down. Rename to FAIRY.

Step 5: Maximize dd tiger lily. Copy, close original. Paste as a new layer. Resize 50%. Move to the top left of your FRAME. *IF you made a colored canvas for easy viewing, please HIDE this layer NOW * Layers - Merge - Merge Visible. You can now unhide your colored canvas if you made one.

Step 6: With your Preset Shapes Tool, choose Circle. Foreground color set to black (#000000) and your Background color is turned off (click on the O with a line through it). Make sure your preset shape setting is set with Create On Vector checkmarked. I also set my line width to 3 so I could see it better. Now, draw out a circle slightly smaller than the inside of your frame. Then with your Mover Tool, if needed you can move your drawn circle towards the center of your framed image. Now click on your Text Tool, set your chosen font, here I used Bodoni MT Black at a size setting of 36 pixels. Using a Foreground color setting of: #d7c2d1 and a background setting of: #9165b4. Type out your name. Add a dropshadow of your liking. You can now Delete your vector layer and rename the layer with your name on it as NAME.

Step 7: Using your same settings for your color pallette, same text, type out your message on a new raster layer. Add the same dropshadow you previously used in step 6. Rename this layer to MESSAGE. If you used a color background canvas, you can now delete this layer. Layers - Merge - Merge Visable. Add your dropshadow to your merged image and save as a .png file.

Hope you have liked this tutorial :) You are now all done! YAY!

If you have any problems, please feel free to email me here at   or
with the subject heading of TAG TUT HELP and I can help you :)

Thanks for stopping by to try out this new tut! And Thank You to Deb's Designs for a wonderful kit to work with!!



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